Michael Hempseed

TEDx Speaker
Professional Speaker
Business Owner

Michael is a highly sought after Professional Speaker. There are several topics which he speaks on but his favourite topic is overcoming failure. In addition to his speaking career he writes numerous articles that have been published in national newspapers and international websites, such as this Stuff Article.

In 2015 Michael founded the Employee Solution Service, a specialist HR company that works with unusual or challenging issues within the workplace.

Lighthouse of Hope is a weekly radio show that Michael hosts on Mental Illness.

Michael graduated from the University of Canterbury with an Honours Degree in Psychology in the year 2008. He has spoken to almost every group imaginable, multi-millionaires, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teenagers, prisoners, social workers, nurses and many more. In 2016 he spoke at TEDxDARWIN.

Michael has truly made the most of his life, having visited 34 countries around the world including India, Cambodia, China, Brazil, The Ukraine and many more. In addition to this, he challenged himself to skydiving (from a perfectly good aeroplane), piloted an aerobatic plane and enjoys hang-gliding and paragliding.